Meow Wolf: House of Eternal Return

This past summer, I went to an elaborate exhibit in Santa Fe, NM. It’s an entire building with a house inside it, and numerous other structures such as a boardwalk, tree houses, and rocket ships, every surface covered with light shows, sculptures, drawings, and paintings. The entire space also tells the story of a supernatural mystery, and viewers can search each room for clues about the disappearance of a young boy.

Most rooms are more colorful than the featured photo I picked, but that room is my favorite. I definitely recommend going to Meow Wolf if you are in the area and have a free afternoon. It’s even better if you have a whole day, or even multiple days, because there’s so much to explore. Click here to take a look! They don’t have official pictures of the interior, but scroll down and look through the instagram pictures, because they’re amazing.

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