Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometries

Anne Tyng is an architect and architectural theorist specializes in geometric order. Check out her exhibition Inhabiting Geometries in ICA in 2011 here. Her theories and design redefined modernism in 1950s-60s. Anne Griswold Tyng devoted her career to achieving a synthesis of geometric order, architecture and human consciousness.  A central figure in redefining modernism in the 1950-60’s, Tyng wrote extensively on the subject of creative conflicts between men and women emphasizing her own transition from a muse to heroine in search of an independent visible identity.  Tyng characterized each stage of her life as an evolution of “psychological development necessary to free her creative potential” enabling her to become heroine of her own ideas rather than a muse to the creative potential of another.

ying, 10/30/2016

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